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Lotek/Pecel/Gado-gado: Warung Pecel BP
Bekasi Timur, Kota Bekasi, Jawa Barat
Jl. Pengasinan 88 Bekasi

indra - Minggu, 17 Januari 2010
 This shop sells salad cingur, pecel and rawon only. Food can be enjoyed with Lesbian or at the table. Sale also pecel spicy flavor and are in attractive packaging resistant 1 (one) month in the refrigerator. It was not time to buy because the flavor is exhausted. Salad seasoning cingurnya attractive black and mixed with banana stone makes it more enjoyable. While seasoning pecelnya soft enough not too brown, maybe not too much use of brown sugar. Portion is enough, not many and not - Tembolok

Pecel Lele

Pecel Lele

Pecel Lele
Subtle Seasonings:
1 tablespoon coriander
1 clove garlic
2 cm turmeric
½ tbsp salt

2 tomatoes, split 4
1 piece of cucumber, sliced oblique
6 basil leaf, take leaves
8 sheets leaf Poh-Pohan

1. Clean the catfish, divide the stomach, and remove the entrails and gills. Wash the fish to clean and not slimy anymore.
2. Stir catfish with smooth flavor. Let stand for ½ hour for flavor to infuse.
3. Heat the cooking oil that much in a skillet, cook fish, catfish, fried over medium heat until slightly dry and cooked, remove from heat.
4. Serve catfish as a side dish of white rice or rice uduk with chili paste and vegetables complement - Tembolok - Mirip

Makanan ringan

Aneka Dodoo and Snack Foods
Aneka Dodol dan Makanan Ringan
Aneka Dodoo and Snack Foods 10:19, 16/01/2011 Aneka Dodoo and Snack Foods SHOPPING: A visitor to choose a variety of culinary locations lunkhead in the Village Shop, District Perbaungan some time ago. / / Anwar / Sumut Post
Village Workshops, Culinary Icons Sergai
For a number of private passenger vehicles or public buses that pass in the area of Serdang Bedagai it feels incomplete, if not stopped buying presents for family at home or simply taste the typical food (culinary) in the Village Shop, District Perbaungan, Serdang Bedagai (Sergai .)
In addition, not infrequently also motorcyclist who headed the tourist town of Parapat (Lake Toba) also stopped by the Market this Workshop.
For decades, the Village Shop is located exactly at the cross roads of Sumatra (jalinsum) has hundreds of stalls selling typical food (culinary) dodol, chips, opaque material derived from cassava. Following the buyer's appetite, the businessman made a breakthrough in terms of culinary processing especially lunkhead. "If the first we only make lunkhead kind commonly without any variations in flavor and aroma, so now lunkhead already has a variety of flavors. That depends on material mixtures, there dodol durian flavor, peanut, pandan and vanilla. So is the food derived from cassava, form and manner of manufacture also increased its variations, "said Adi Santika Kiosk owner lunkhead Sun told this newspaper, some time behavior. Lunkhead relatively affordable price, there is durian, pandan and pineapple. It was quite tempting tongue because the original materials used and without preservatives.
Adi mentioned again, actually now being sold not just merely lunkhead, but including all types of maakanan and soft drinks. 'Icon' Workshop as a place lunkhead Desai has become the public image across the region in particular are often Jalinsum, both of which would go towards Medan and vice versa.

Kenduri Tumpeng Jongko di Desa Mantran

Jongko Tumpeng festivity in the village Mantran

The tradition of the community area on the slopes of Mount Andong Village Mantran, Ngablak District, Magelang regency, Central Java, "festivity Tumpeng Jongko", as an expression of hope for horticulture farmers harvest the better in the future.
They undergo tradition in Magelang, Wednesday, was marked by the procession of hundreds of people wearing Islamic clothing such nuances of each person carrying the cone and ingkung, walking distance from the tip of the local village to village head's house page Mantran Wetan Handoko.
Four men dressed in one of Javanese traditional arts carrying stretchers containing large cone shaped mountains with the properties of different vegetables.
During the procession, led by Ustaz Muhammad Thohir it, they sing different songs blessings in reverence.
After arriving at the local hamlet heads home page, in an atmosphere of cool air between Mount Andong and Merbabu that, they then put the cone and ingkung on the mat, then sat cross-legged. Ustaz Thohir then led the prayer feast for a few moments.
"The tradition is we do have a hereditary, to coincide with Wednesday Pahing Sapar Month (Javanese calendar), this time as an expression of gratitude for the harvest of vegetables and please fulfilled our expectations for crop-harvest that will come better," said Handoko.
Locals who totaled 132 households or 560 people, he said, accompanied by local farmers artist community leaders "Andong Gilar Jinawi", Mantran Village, District Ngablak, Supadi, also hope always obtain serene and peaceful life in the local mountain area was.
"We also ask the Lord for salvation and life of all citizens so that peace can continue to diligently work the farm," he said.

Resep Getuk Magelang

Recipes getuk Magelang

The readers surely have heard about food cakes this Magelang. The colors are bright, and it tastes delicious, perfect for eating as an opening for those who run it fast.


     * 500 g cassava, steamed
     * 200 grams of refined sugar which
     * 2 tablespoons margarine
     * ½ teaspoon vanilla
     * 1 / 2 tablespoons cocoa powder, sifted

    1. Cassava puree steamed potatoes while hot dg penghalus
    2. Enter a dip food processor, add the sugar, margarine, and vanilla, then milled well blended hg
    3. Then divide the dough jd 2 parts, one white let
    4. Mix cocoa powder into the other in the same section, KMD food processor briefly Dlm process cocoa powder blended hg
    5. Take white dough, thin milled 3mm kurleb
    6. Do the same thing dg brown batter
    7. Place white dough on the first layer, then stack dg yg brown. Lightly press the dough to stick
    8. Roll up dough and compact enough ditekan2 SBL. Let stand for a moment, a new dipotong2
    9. Serve the grated coconut topping dg
Halal@saigon restaurant ... - Cached


MANY people find it difficult to forget Magelang. Those who ever living in Magelang, whether school, college, work, or for other reasons, having long since left the area in a radius of spiritual Tidar hill, it is difficult to make do not feel missed. Especially those who were never born and raised in Magelang, when it should stay in another distant place, easy to hit home sick aka homesick.

Many reasons to remain ngangeni Magelang. That the writer Ayip Rosyidi like living in Pabelan. Mami Kato Japanese original vote Mendut to pass through life. Cultural Rendra once a month visited the area around the temple of Borobudur. Already a Minister was, Prof. Malik Fajar still taking the time to visit Pangenan, Deyangan. The late painter H Widayat spend the day with his parents founded the museum in the City Mungkid. People of theater Gandrik Butet Kartarejasa rumored already bought land in Magelang and in his old age getting ready to live in Magelang. Former Minister of lighting Budiarjo already in existence across the world, remains always return home, and founded the Hotel Maisonette tingal as memories of my hometown. The late YB Mangunwijaya, in almost every novel always mention the name of Magelang. In fact, if pulled far back, espionage figures of World War I, a lot of teasing the generals war Germany, Britain and France, the beautiful girl named Sun, also had been living in the vicinity of City Mungkid this. Inevitably Palbapang path-City artshop Mungkid now full gallery set up by the settlers both from Yogyakarta or from Bali.
What's interesting from Magelang? Because of Borobudur temple which misuwur it? Maybe. Because their villages are calm tentrem loh jinawi gemah ripah grammar Raharja Djakarta it? Maybe. Because the mountain without breaking a circular gemunungnya surround this region and form a chic silhouette configuration? Maybe. Because the girls are pretty modest and like to work (and I also chose one of them lo)? Maybe so. But of all the possibilities, there is one indisputable, Magelang rich in various specialties; full variant, delicious, cheap, and unique. Why eat? Because above all, the primary needs of human life and the first is eating.

Starting from the water, very, very different. Testimony of a friend, who is a cosmopolitan, has a house in Kalimantan, Batam, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Denpasar, to all Australians still have a ritual event 2 times a year to Magelang, just wanted to drink tea with water from the earth Magelang. "The water is unique, very different than any other corner of the earth" said my friend was convincing. True or not, please prove, try drinking tea together, but from a different source of water. Bedan right?
Menthog Gedhogan
And it must be admitted, one of the strengths is the wealth of different Magelang regency typical food that was almost incalculable. Want to eat what model, from any material, just go into subdistrict Gedogan Pakis, where we can eat meat menthog lemeng cooked with firewood and rice fields. In the bathhouse Kalibening and pisangan we can enjoy rice noodles pecel. In the market there opor Pucang duck never existed khabis end. Pak Broto in Glagah provide godhog rice mixed with chicken heads that tastes petai by Jove. In Plikon there menthog Centucky fried flavor made in Mbok Ju. In Payaman Mba Well provide the huamat segarr koyor cow. If you want to go to a lunch of fried rice Menayu, ten thousand dollars secured will not be home so kenyangnya. For business godhog noodles, Mr. Parno at Borobudur plot rival nothing so that the guests Hotel Safe Life always taken there (specificity noodle wet noodle Magelang is still fresh because disposable without preservatives). To try the fried noodle dishes near the high school Sarbini Mbak Fri, Muntilan.

Want rica-rica Menthog? Go to Bandongan or Pucang. But if rica-rica chicken, sir Sukis Muntilan market champion. Soto menu during the day many of these alternatives at the northern end soto Rahayu Grabag market, but Mr Sambi night in Ngrajeg will create a sense of surprise. Know Kupat Blabak not inferior to that in the corner of the town square. What kremes-kremes in Paremono available petho dent that tastes bitter if you stop eating. Want to eat river fish? Pak Slamet Mendut provides a menu tambra dazed, sometimes there are beong and pelus. If uceng most definitely fried in Muntilan Purnama Restaurant. RM Cindelaras lodheh kluwihnya unparalleled cuisine.
Clorot and asshole
The list could be extended again. Gudeg of Yogyakarta was in Muntilan no less tasty dishes such as Ms. Santi, Yu Dhenok, and Mbok Jayus alias Mba Well that eat the leaves in Muntilan Pincuk wear. At the end of the bridge after Blondo Elo times we can enjoy the fish fry sauce kosrek Yu Nah. But if the porridge, I think all the world's most delicious homemade Mother Sri Ayati Parsono who used to have a RM Saraswati Borobudur (Lhah now where ya?). yes of course if the international menu in large restaurants have already provided (I did not mention because unless the lack of taste, is also not typical of Magelang). Of course do not forget food kudapannya, from sticky tape Muntilan, Gethuk Panca Arga, slondoh and sagon Grabag, diamonds Salaman, until geblag, clorot and scum can be found at Borobudur Hotel Maisonette tingal.

In short, Magelang food warehouse. If Bondan Winarno for culinary tourism in the private TV must be traveling anywhere, in just one district Magelang already provide whatever. Unfortunately, it all has not been packed in a package tour, dikulinerkan (= art of culinary cooking and serving food), then offered to travel agencies for coming home from the Borobudur temple in Yogyakarta not need to eat, but eat in Magelang with a choice of various menus, which not only mak nyuuss ... ... but also cheap and unique.
We had been thought that the building was build tourism sights only. Though it would not mean that there is no other supporting facilities such as accommodation, food, cinederamata, art and culture, traditions, and acceptance masarakat. All mengkait each other, support each other, including culinary tours. Even this culinary question would be easier to introduce one region to another. Japanese go international with tempura, sukiyaki, yakiniku and sashimi. China with its bath tub (meatballs, noodles, dumplings), Italy with his spaghetti, Thailand with his tomyang, India with martabaknya, Swiss chocolate, the Netherlands with its cheese, the Arab countries with kurmanya, and much more. At the local level because we know West Java and lalapannya pickles, rice uduknya Betawi, rendang Padang because the cow, because lawarnya Bali, Makasar because sotonya, because satenya Madura, Malang because bremnya, because kangkungnya Lombok, Manado because chicken porridge, Jogja because gudhegnya , Solo because rice liwetnya, because lumpianya Semarang, Purwokerto because kripiknya, Banjarnegara because knapsack and dawetnya, and so forth.
Many have asked me, if after the eruption of Merapi, all food is still there? Oh ho, of course. In fact, because it adds tasty eaten fresh in a natural post-eruption of Merapi in the fragrant smell of ash dust wedhus trash.
Well, so do not shortchange about eating eat, because darinyalah popularity and image of a region will be awakened. Magelang regency is very rich in special food that is not owned by any other region. Let us offer, we show off to anyone. Of course, we should try it first. Not daring? I am ready to accompany anyway, definitely mak ... ... ..!*** nyuuss


PRESCRIPTION "Kupat Know" FOOD SPECIAL MAGELANG========================================


Want to know the recipe Kupat know typical Magelang, so please read the following article ....


    1. ½ fruit Kupat (diamond), mature
    2. 1 piece of tofu, fried, cut into
    3. 30 grams of bean sprouts, hot water soak briefly
    4. 3-5 pieces of cabbage or cabbage (5 × 5 cm), fry
    5. 1 piece bakwan vegetables, cut into pieces

  Peanut sauce:

    1. 1 tablespoon peanut, fried, minced coarse
    2. Cloves garlic 1/8-1/2 putiih
    3. Red chili (optional)


    1. Sliced celery
    2. Fried shallots
    3. Shrimp crackers

  Kuah sugar:

    1. 5 tablespoons brown sugar, shaved
    2. 1 bay leaves
    3. 1 cm galangal, smashed
    4. 70 ml water
    5. Salt to taste