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Makanan ringan

Aneka Dodoo and Snack Foods
Aneka Dodol dan Makanan Ringan
Aneka Dodoo and Snack Foods 10:19, 16/01/2011 Aneka Dodoo and Snack Foods SHOPPING: A visitor to choose a variety of culinary locations lunkhead in the Village Shop, District Perbaungan some time ago. / / Anwar / Sumut Post
Village Workshops, Culinary Icons Sergai
For a number of private passenger vehicles or public buses that pass in the area of Serdang Bedagai it feels incomplete, if not stopped buying presents for family at home or simply taste the typical food (culinary) in the Village Shop, District Perbaungan, Serdang Bedagai (Sergai .)
In addition, not infrequently also motorcyclist who headed the tourist town of Parapat (Lake Toba) also stopped by the Market this Workshop.
For decades, the Village Shop is located exactly at the cross roads of Sumatra (jalinsum) has hundreds of stalls selling typical food (culinary) dodol, chips, opaque material derived from cassava. Following the buyer's appetite, the businessman made a breakthrough in terms of culinary processing especially lunkhead. "If the first we only make lunkhead kind commonly without any variations in flavor and aroma, so now lunkhead already has a variety of flavors. That depends on material mixtures, there dodol durian flavor, peanut, pandan and vanilla. So is the food derived from cassava, form and manner of manufacture also increased its variations, "said Adi Santika Kiosk owner lunkhead Sun told this newspaper, some time behavior. Lunkhead relatively affordable price, there is durian, pandan and pineapple. It was quite tempting tongue because the original materials used and without preservatives.
Adi mentioned again, actually now being sold not just merely lunkhead, but including all types of maakanan and soft drinks. 'Icon' Workshop as a place lunkhead Desai has become the public image across the region in particular are often Jalinsum, both of which would go towards Medan and vice versa.

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